MMA Mats

EVA Foam Martial Arts Mats
Our Interlocking Martial Arts mats are all 20mm thick and come in three ranges – Essential, Premium and Sport. All are made from a high density, closed cell EVA foam – naturally anti-microbial and hygienic. They are also reversible, enabling you to create a colourful workout area with the mats either way up.

Premium, Essential or Sport?
Our Premium 20mm MMA Exercise Mats feature a multi-directional grip pattern and are designed for areas receiving frequent use – including Dojos, clubs and associations.

The Essential 20mm MMA Exercise Mats have a single directional tatami weave pattern and are slightly softer than our Premium mats. These are designed for home workouts and upright martial arts where throwdowns are secondary.

Our Sport 20 mats are a similar product – they are 50cm square per mat but sold in packs of four making a square metre. Their smaller size makes them perfect for temporary setups. They can be used for martial arts, sports training, exercise and yoga/pilates. You can also use them for children’s play areas and childrens gyms.