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Top tips for selecting the perfect floor for your gym

Top tips for selecting the perfect floor for your gym

If you have a home gym, or you run a public gym, ensuring that you have the correct surface for workouts and training is of paramount importance. Whether you’re fine tuning your martial arts skills, working on your weight training or practising your yoga moves, a safe, durable and comfortable surface is a must.

At Gym Floors Direct our team has decades of experience providing high quality gym flooring for the general public as well as commercial enterprises. As a result, we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge when it comes to selecting the right flooring to suit individual needs.

In this blog post we’ll be sharing our top tips to ensure that you select the perfect floor for your gym.

1. What will you be doing in your gym?

The number one question you need to ask before searching for a new floor for your gym is what type of exercise or training you will be carrying out in it. 

Will your floor need to be heavy duty, for example, if you’re planning on doing lots of weight lifting or floor work such as mixed martial arts. Or will you be taking part in more gentle activities such as Pilates?

The type of activity you’ll be carrying out will have an effect on the type of flooring that you should choose. 

From rubber flooring tiles, through to PVC tiles and specialist MMA flooring, we always recommend that you do sufficient research before you select the surface you want to go for.

What will you be doing in your gym?

What about safety?

The health and safety of those using the gym should also be a key consideration. Do you need to think about whether your flooring needs additional anti-slip properties? Ensuring a good grip on the surface of your gym is very important to help reduce slips, falls and injuries.

Plus if the flooring was to get wet or damp, it’s imperative that the floor does not become a slip hazard.

Gym floors should also be soft, providing a gentle surface to fall on and to cushion the blow as you hit the ground. This can help reduce the risk of injuries.

Gym safety

3. Gyms are noisy

If you are working out in a home gym in your garage, or your gym is surrounded by other buildings, you may want to take into account the amount of noise this could create for your neighbours.

Some gym floors and gym mats actually help to reduce the amount of noise created by a workout due to the fact that the materials they are made of can actually absorb sound waves.

4. Is it durable?

How durable is your gym floor? If it will be getting heavy use (such as for training for MMA), its vital that you select a floor which will be long lasting and strong. 

Gym floors which start to wear down could actually reduce the amount of protection for the user and could quickly become a health hazard. By selecting a durable floor mat, not only will you get extra longevity from it, you’ll also help keep those who use it safe.

durable gym flooring

5. Is it easy to maintain?

Let’s face it – no one wants to spend hours maintaining a gym floor or gym mat. That’s precious time you could be spending training or working out!

As a result, you probably want to find a gym floor which is simple to clean and keep well maintained. Many gym floors are made from PVC or rubber tiles, which are both extremely easy to wipe clean. Plus, they often come in sections, so if the floor gets damaged at any point, it’s really straightforward to replace the damaged tile.

Easy to maintain gym flooring

How does it look?

Finally, you probably want to take into account how the flooring will look once it is in situ. 

Getting the look of your gym just right is an important part of creating a space where you will want to spend time and work out in. From selecting colours for the walls to having inspirational posters dotted around the room, a gym space should be as unique as you are. Therefore, the gym flooring or gym mats you choose to use should match the aesthetic you’re going for.

Gym flooring comes in array of different colours and styles, meaning that you can personalise your look to suit your unique style.

Great looking gym flooring

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