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The importance of high quality flooring in a gym

The importance of high quality flooring in a gym

Whether you own a gym or sports club, or you enjoy working out from the comfort of your own home, the importance of a top quality surface on which to carry out exercise cannot be underestimated.

Good quality gym flooring can mean the difference between a safe or unsafe work out, whilst it can help ensure that your gyms space is attractive and provide a hardwearing, long term solution to your gym flooring needs.

At Gym Floors Direct we’ve worked with big name gyms, as well as smaller independent outlets to deliver gym floor tiles and rubber gym flooring which meets their exact needs.

Weight on gym flooring

What are the benefits of professional quality gym flooring?

There are numerous benefits to installing professional quality gym flooring. Whether you have a home gym, or you own a gym which is open to the public, it is vitally important to have a properly fitted surface on which to work out on.

  1. Can prevent injury and strains

Professional rubber gym flooring provides a shock absorbing quality which actually can help support a safe workout for those using the gym. 

One of the biggest issues that gym goers face is repetitive strain injuries from their workouts. Repetitive strain injuries occur when the joints and muscles of the body are repeatedly put through the same motion, particularly on a hard surface. After a while, this movement can wear away at the joints, causing damage to the vulnerable ligaments and muscles within the body and ultimately causing ongoing pain. Repetitive strain injuries can be so uncomfortable that it often leads to people giving up their exercise regime all together.

A properly installed gym floor can help prevent this by absorbing the kinetic energy of someone’s work out, creating a more gentle impact on the body. At the end of the day, it can create the optimal environment for safe exercise, whether its weight training, cardio or an exercise class such as yoga.

  1. Non-slip

Rubber gym floor mats provides excellent grip, meaning the risks of slips and falls is minimised. This is particularly important in a gym environment where there is heavy machinery and equipment throughout the room. 

  1. Ideal for floor work outs

From press ups and sit ups, through to Pilates and yoga, there are many different types of exercises that are carried out on the floor. Consequently, its important to have a comfortable surface on which to carry these out. Gym flooring is usually made from rubber, providing a far softer and durable floor covering than concrete or wood. 

  1. Easy to maintain, clean and extremely durable

A good quality gym floor can actually be much easier to maintain than other types of flooring. They are easy to sweep and mop, and dry quickly to prevent the risk of slips. As a result, you can keep the floor more hygienic which is an important consideration, especially if you own a gym which is used by the general public.

Plus, professional gym flooring is extremely durable and can withstand regular heavy impacts. If maintained correctly, there is no reason why gym flooring cannot last for many years.

  1. Can help reduce noise

We all know that gyms can be noisy places, especially when heavy machinery and weights are in use. Gym floor tiles can actually help reduce the amount of noise produced in a gym due to the fact that they have noise absorbing qualities.

  1. Quick to install

Interlocking gym flooring tiles are extremely quick and easy to install. Whether you’re calling in experts for installation, or you’re looking to carry out the installation yourself, the tiles simply connect together like a large jigsaw – meaning you have more time to dedicate to your work out!

What are the benefits of professional quality gym flooring

How do I know what gym flooring to choose?

There is a range of different types of gym flooring, all tailored slightly differently for different requirements. This includes different thicknesses, materials and weights for weightlifting areas and machine areas.

If you are looking for gym flooring for an area where people will be lifting weights, we’d recommend choosing rubber gym tiles to provide the shock absorbing qualities that are required for this kind of exercise.

Whereas if you’re looking to add gym flooring in an area where there will be exercise machines, PVC gym tiles are ideal.

At Gym Floors Direct, our team has years of experience supporting customers find the right flooring for their exact needs. If you would like to find out more, speak to one of our experts today.

How do I know what gym flooring to choose

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