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How to Cut Gym Flooring

How to Cut Gym Flooring

Gym Flooring

So you’ve bought new rubber gym mats for gym flooring but you don’t know how to install them, right? You’re in the right place. We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks for cutting and installing a new gym floor mats. Before you know it, you’ll have a fresh gym floor and the gym of your dreams. 

New gym flooring

What You’ll Need

This is what you’ll need to successfully install your gym floor; 

  • Utility knives or blades. 
  • Measuring tape. 
  • Protective gloves. 
  • Straight edge 
  • Ruler. 
  • Soapy water. 
  • Non-slip backing (optional).  
  • Rubber flooring. 

Make sure you’ve got all of the equipment and material before you start! 

Find Your Perfect Fit

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to find your perfect gym floor. 

After you’ve found the right rubber mats, flooring, or tiles for your needs it’s time to install them. It’s an easy four step process that shouldn’t be too arduous or time consuming. You don’t need special training to do this job! 

Measure the space


Before you cut rubber gym mats you need to prepare the area, your tools, and your materials. 

Find a flat space in your house that is suitable for the cutting process. You need enough room to move around, lay your tools, and safely cut the mat with a sharp blade. It is also a good idea to place a sheet underneath the mat to protect the ground. 

Next, gather your tools around the work area. You don’t want to be rushing all over your house looking for bits and bobs. Make sure everything is handy and closeby. Now is a good time to put on your protective gloves! You should always wear gloves when you handle sharp blades. 

1. Measure the Space

Measure the space where you want your mats to go with a large measuring tape or ruler. Measure the space lengthwise and widthwise. Multiply these numbers to determine the square footage. You can cross reference this with the specified dimensions of the mats (this should be displayed on the packaging). Take note of the dimensions of the space on a piece of paper. 

2. Prepare to Cut Rubber Gym Mats or Floors 

Unroll the Mats

Next, unfold the mats and roll them to your work area. Ensure all mat folds have been smoothed out. Consider using a heavy weight or a brick to weigh down the edges while you work. Double check you have enough flooring to fill the entire area. 

Unroll the mats

Use a Ruler to Draw Lines

Once you have measured everything, use a pencil to mark the cutting line on each mat. If you’re concerned you won’t be able to see the lines you can make shallow scores into the mat or use chalk. 

We recommend using a ruler or straight edge to mark the entire line you will cut down. Ensure your penciled lines go all the way to the bottom of the mat. 

Look for Curved Areas

Don’t forget to accommodate any tricky spots or curved lines when you’re marking the lines. 

Look for curved areas

3. Cut the Mat With a Straight Edge and a Sharp Utility Knife

Get ready to cut rubber flooring! Place the straight edge on the marked line. Hold the straight edge with one hand and your blade with the other. While you’re cutting the mat, you must keep your fingers well clear of the blade. 

Thinner mats are easy and malleable. It shouldn’t require much strength to cut through them. On the other hand, thick rubber gym mats can be very tough. Your blade may not be sharp enough to slice through the material. In this case, you will need to find extra blades or even power tools. 

Our top tip is to slice through the line 2-3 times. It’s better to be gentle so as to not damage the mat. Ideally, the whole piece will come away in one piece after you have cut through it a couple of times. 

You should stop cutting at any sign the mat is too thick to be sliced. Pressure or extreme force may result in injury. 

The mat should perfectly fit around any corners or crevices. Test the mat in the space. Check for any bits that are popping out or look awkward. You are looking for a seamless fit. Take time to trim your mat and make any finishing touches. 

The cutting is now complete! 

4. Assemble on Your Floor 

Before you assemble the floor, you need to clean up the work area. Sweep and dispose of any rubbish and offcuts. Afterward, clean the floor with hot soapy water. Scrap rubber can be a choking hazard for pets and small children. Be diligent while you clean!

Once the floor has been sufficiently cleaned, place rubber tiles or mats in their designated place. You shouldn’t need to glue the mats on the floor. High quality gym mats are specifically designed for endurance and longevity. However, if you find your mat is sliding a bit, invest in some no-slip backing. 

All Done! 

Mission accomplished! It really is as easy as that. Now it’s time to break your first sweat on your gym floor. 

Visit our website for more information or if you wish to search for more gym flooring. We have the best range of mats and floors for your home or professional gym. 

Gym flooring all done!

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