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From Commercial Gyms to Home Gyms – How Gym Floors Direct Ensures a Seamless Delivery Process

From Commercial Gyms to Home Gyms – How Gym Floors Direct Ensures a Seamless Delivery Process

Embarking on the journey of renovating a gym space, whether it’s a commercial facility or a home gym, requires careful planning and consideration at every stage. 

One crucial aspect often overlooked is the delivery process of the essential components that will shape the workout environment. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the delivery methods, handling times, and crucial tips provided by Gym Floors Direct to ensure a seamless transition from order placement to the installation of your gym flooring.

Understanding Gym Floors Direct Delivery Methods

Gym Floors Direct recognises the diverse needs of its customers, catering to both commercial gyms and home gyms. The delivery methods employed depend on the size and nature of the order:

  • Courier Delivery for Smaller Orders: Most smaller orders, with shipping displayed as ‘Zone 1 Courier Delivery’ or ‘Zone 2 Courier Delivery,’ will be dispatched via a courier service. This method is efficient for smaller quantities of gym flooring and accessories.

  • Pallet Delivery for Larger Orders: Larger orders, indicated as ‘Zone 1 Pallet Delivery’ or ‘Zone 2 Pallet Delivery,’ will be transported on pallets. This method ensures the safe delivery of substantial quantities of gym flooring materials, catering to the needs of commercial gyms and extensive home gym projects.

  • Gym Floors Direct Handling Time: Efficiency is key in the delivery process, and Gym Floors Direct prioritises quick turnaround times:

  • Most Orders Shipped Within 1-2 Working Days: Gym Floors Direct understands the urgency of your gym renovation project. Therefore, most orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 working days of placing the order, expediting the delivery process.

  • Delivery Tips for a Hassle-Free Experience: To facilitate a smooth delivery experience, Gym Floors Direct offers valuable tips to its customers:

  • Leave Safe Instructions for Palleted Orders: For palleted orders exceeding 80kg, customers can leave instructions to have the delivery left safe on their driveway or a designated area in case they are not available during the delivery.

  • Addressing Delivery Issues: In the rare event of any problems with the delivery, such as missing or incorrect items or damage in transit, Gym Floors Direct assures customers that rectification is still possible, even if the order has been left in a safe location.

  • Access Restrictions and Redelivery Charges: Customers are advised to communicate any access restrictions to Gym Floors Direct. Palletised orders are typically delivered on an 18-ton lorry, but a smaller 7.5-ton lorry can be arranged for locations with tight access. Failure to make a delivery due to access restrictions may incur a redelivery charge.
courier delivery

Other Considerations for a Seamless Gym Renovation

  • Tail Lift and Pallet Truck for Easy Unloading:
    Gym Floors Direct ensures that pallet deliveries come equipped with a tail lift and pallet truck. This facilitates the easy movement of the pallet to the desired location within your gym space.

  • Pallet Truck Limitations:
    While pallet trucks are convenient, they cannot traverse gravel drives. Customers with gravel driveways are advised to consider alternative delivery locations to ensure a smooth unloading process.

  • Alternative Delivery Locations:
    Gym Floors Direct encourages customers to explore alternative delivery locations, provided they have permission. Options like local pub/restaurant car parks, village hall car parks, or even accommodating neighbours can be considered for delivery to otherwise tight access locations.

  • Consult with Gym Floors Direct Sales Team:
    For any uncertainties or specific queries regarding the delivery process, customers are encouraged to consult with the Gym Floors Direct sales team. They are ready to provide assistance and ensure a hassle-free delivery tailored to your unique requirements.
pallet delivery

In the realm of gym renovations, every detail matters. Understanding the intricacies of the delivery process ensures that the foundational elements of your gym, particularly the flooring, arrive promptly and seamlessly. 

Gym Floors Direct’s commitment to efficient handling times, diverse delivery methods, and valuable tips positions them as a reliable partner in your journey to create the perfect workout space, whether it be a bustling commercial gym or a dedicated home fitness haven.

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